BIG UPDATE! New Embed Code for Android

We are happy to announce that we have a new embed code for all Live and On-Demand video content that will serve Android users better.

If you are a Live Streaming client of TruthCasting, please use this new embed code on your websites.

YOU NEED TO ADD YOUR CHANNEL ID (blue) and SERMON ID (Red) for your Live Stream file.  This can be found in the TruthCasting Admin.

<iframe style=”width: 640px; height: 360px; overflow: hidden; border-style: none;” src=”” scrolling=”no” width=”640″ height=”360″></iframe>

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Streaming from Mobile

Wowza GoCoder

Many users have asked us about streaming from a mobile device.

Now with the Wowza GoCoder app this is finally possible. The App is $4.99 in the iTunes store and Google play and allows you to stream from iOS and Android devices with an internet connection and a built in camera.

If you haven’t already, sign up for a 15 day free trial with TruthCasting here

Purchase and Download the App to your device.

Fill out the contact form here and in the request box ask for the GoCoder settings

Open Up the app

Click on the top right corner the (W) for Server info


Click Host

The Host will be:



Port 1935

Click Back

Application will be


stream name:


Click Back

Publisher Login

Publisher name = TruthCasting Live Streaming Username
Password = Live Streaming Password

Click Back

Click Done

Now click the Video Options Icon in the top right corner

Stream: Video + Audio

Video Settings, (Leave the default)

Video Size:

We recommend starting with 640×360 and moving up or down from there depending on your internet connection

Auto Restart Yes (Green)

No filter

Click Done

Please note on each of the video sizes the bit rate range is adjusted automatically. You can then choose between bitrates given. The higher the nitrate the better the stream will be, however please make sure you have the appropriate internet speeds to handle these.

Once all the settings are in, focus your camera by clicking on the person speaking on the screen and click the Red button on the bottom right corner to start streaming.


Download The App Here

iOS 6.0 and later

Android 4.1 and later



Find out more about the GoCoder app here:

Troubleshooting Articles from Wowza



Helpful tools to go with the GoCoder App:



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Streaming 101 April 2015 Update

Hello and welcome to TruthCasting Streaming 101. We would like to share with you everything that you need to know in order to get your church up and streaming. If you have any questions after reading this, feel free to contact us to arrange a one-on-one walk through over the phone.

The information listed below is based on our personal experience and talking with other churches and ministries on what works best for them, every system is different but these recommendations are a great starting point.

To get started, here are the basic requirements:

Audio and Video Signal (Camera)
A way to get that signal up to TruthCasting (Encoder)

Most churches have an adequate internet connection for streaming without having to do any major upgrades.  We do recommend a wired line devoted solely for your stream, but any line will do. (Please note that the more devices you have on a network, the more your risk of issues increases.) A wifi network can be used but we do not recommend it.
* We do not recommend using an open network provided for congregation use, this can lead to inconsistent bandwidth and increase your likelihood of issues.
The main thing to look for is upload speed, the minimum recommended speed is 1Mbps, however we prefer between 3-5mbps. You can test your internet connection at

Audio and Video Signal

There are two main ways to get a video signal into a computer, a webcam and through a video capture device.

Using a webcam is a great way to get up and streaming for a low cost and with very little effort, plug the webcam into a computer and open up your streaming software (We will get to this below) and you are good to go.

Video Capture Device
The two things to consider when choosing a video capture device are; How are you going to connect to the camera? How are you going to connect to the computer? In our experience a usb is not fast enough to transfer video for streaming unless you are using a USB webcam, webcams transfer video at much lower bitrate which allows them to use a slower connection. Most consumer camcorders do not support video over USB and many of the consumer usb capture devices such as the Dazzle can be inconsistent. We recommend getting the signal into a computer by using either Thunderbolt, PCIe or if you are transferring SD video Firewire. These three connections seem to provide the most stability. When choosing a capture device please make sure it has the appropriate connections for both your camera output and your computer input.

Here are a few of the Capture Devices that have worked well in the past:

Intensity Pro:PCIe

Intensity Extreme: Thunderbolt

Mini Recorder: Thunderbolt

Canopus ADVC-110: FireWire

Using a Video Capture devices opens your options for camera choice to almost anything on the market from consumer to professional products. For those needing a recommendation we have listed a few cameras that we have worked with in the past:

Canon Vixia Camcorder: Basic Camcorder

Canon XA10: HD Camcorder with XLR Audio Inputs for added Control

XA25 : Similar to the XA10 with the added SDI connection for longer more reliable runs of the video signal.

For more professional options please fill out our contact form.

Computer Encoding Method

For Streaming with a computer you will install a software encoder on your machine and connect the cameras with one of the devices above. When choosing a Mac or Windows based computer we like to note that there are very few windows based laptops that support streaming due to connection issues. As connection compatibility improves this will improve but at the time of writing this, very few windows laptops work for streaming unless using the USB Webcam option. We generally recommend any Mac with a thunderbolt connection or any Windows (or Mac) with a PCIe connection. These two connections provide the most stability and universal solution. When choosing a computer we recommend looking at the system requirements for the software you would like to encode with. Minimum system requirements will work but for those looking to add anything special to a stream we recommend upgraded the system some. For questions on any custom setup, feel free to fill out our contact form.

There are many computer options out there that work, We generally recommend the Apple Mac mini for those who need help in choosing for the price, stability, and ease of setup.

Apple Mac Mini:

For Streaming with a computer you will need a encoding software, the three that we recommend are

Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder(Cross Platform): Free
Adobe FMLE is a great streaming encoder for those looking to get into Live Streaming for the first time. It is a free product that sends exactly what you put into it to our servers.

Vmix(Windows Only): Free-$1200 Depending on the config Options.
Vmix is a relatively new streaming encoder that is a great middle and advanced encoder for churches wanting to offer things like multiple cameras, lower thirds, and prerecorded content and graphics.

Telestreams Wirecast(Cross Platform): $499
Wirecast is another streaming software that allows multiple cameras, lower thirds, and prerecorded content and graphics. Wirecast is also cross platform and has added some really cool new features such as using iOS devices as camera sources and some great local recording options.

Hardware Encoding method:

There are many hardware encoders out on the market and these are a great option for those who want a simple and easy setup for volunteers or a very portable system. The one we recommend most is the Teradek VidiU, This devices comes in at around $700 and connects directly to your camera or production system. The way TruthCasting handles live streams means that you can set the VidiU and just hit start anytime you want to stream.

Video Media Server:

The video server is why you are here. handles all of the hosting aspects to your stream so that you dont have to worry about it. You send us your live stream and we will redistribute it to your viewers in the form of a video player. Embed this on your website for instant access to your stream.
Please fill out the form below to sign up for your free 15 day trial with TruthCasting

MultiCamera Option:

We are often asked how a church can add multiple cameras to their streaming production for a low cost, for this we recommend the BlackMagic ATEM switcher. There are better switchers on the market, however none that can compare in the cost, quality, and easy of setup of this one. It allows 4 HDMi inputs, 4SDI inputs and you can use 6 of those at any given time. The Switcher is controlled by a computer or you can but a custom switching interface for quick basic transitions.


Below we have listed out a few example setups for streaming:

Option 1 – Beginner / Low Cost

For this option we recommend a simple computer (laptop or Desktop) with the Logitech C920 Webcam. This webcam is great because it provides HD video and High Quality audio if needed though a USB port, most cameras cannot deliver a good signal though usb but this does. You would simply plug the Webcam into a computer and use the Encoder software to stream. This webcam can also be mounted on a tripod for better angles and movement. This setup can be extremely portable and if you are using the WireCast or Vmix encoding option you can switch between multiple cameras at once.


Option 2
Camcorder and Computer

You will need a camcorder, a video capture device and a computer

Apple Option

You will need any apple based computer with a thunderbolt connection. You will plug the camera into the video capture device with an HDMI cable, then the capture device into the computer with the thunderbolt cable.

Apple Mac Mini:

Blackmagic Mini Recorder Video Capture Device:

Canon Vixia Camcorder:


Optional Camera Upgrade for added Audio Options
Canon XA10

Windows Option
You will need a Windows desktop PC with the option of adding a PCIe card to the back of the computer and someone who knows how to install these. You will install the capture card to the computer then plug the camera into the capture card with the HDMI cable. The installation is not too complicated but we recommend using someone with a little experience.

Blackmagic Intensity Pro Video Capture Card:

Canon Vixia Camcorder:


Optional Camera Upgrade for added Audio Options

Canon XA10

Option 3
Camcorder and Streaming Hardware

Canon Vixia Camcorder with HDMI output. Plug this camera into the Teradek VidiU. You will need a computer to setup the Teradek VidiU the first time but then will only need to press the start button for your streams after that.

Teradek VidiU Hardware encoder:

Canon Vixia Camcorder:


Optional Camera Upgrade for added Audio Options
Canon XA10

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Wirecast and TruthCasting

WireCast in the Church

 The Benefits to using WireCast with TruthCasting

Many of our users have asked us questions like “How can we produce our stream better? Why do I have to enter all my information every week? How can I stream in HD more reliably?” For those users we recommend Telestreams Wirecast.


Recording Options: Wirecast offers a large number of recording options and formats. For users looking to edit the stream or simply wishing to upload to TruthCasting in a quick and easy format, wirecast is a great solution. You are also able to record in a higher resolution than you stream, so for those who have internet limitations, you can stream a small 360p video at a low bit rate, then record a full 1280x720p copy to upload later. With TruthCasting, you can also record a second copy straight to your dropbox folder, automating the upload process of a high quality video.

Media Content: For those users coming from Adober Flash media Live Encoder, you are used to sending a stream and what you put into the encoder is what you got out of it. With Wirecast you are able to add pre recorded video content, lower thirds, and graphics to mix between during your stream.

For Smaller churches this means having a Live Camera feed of your speaker, and mix sermon notes, videos, and graphics to the feed to produce a high quality stream for a fraction of the cost of a total production system.


Wirecast lets you start your stream and your recording at separate times, this means you can start your stream 15 minutes before service so people at home can log on and see an image, but not start your recording until the service or the sermon starts, this saves video editing time later and keeps your viewers at home happy. 

Wirecast lets you setup a user profile and leave it. Enter in your preference, Username, password once and never look at them again. Each week when you stream all you need to do is open up your profile and click “Stream.”  This is a great benefit to those using different volunteers each week.

Wirecast also lets you  view things like CPU and Bandwith usage to monitor if you are close to having any problems. See problem before they happen to avoid any Sunday morning issues.

Click on the Link Below to Try Wirecast Free!


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TruthCasting Sermon Player for Android!

We are excited to announce that we now have a Sermon Payer app for Android


Download it here:

View all sermons on TruthCasting and save your favorite ministries for easy access.

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TruthCasting Sermon Player for iPhone – UPDATED

We have updated our TruthCasting Sermon Player iPhone App!

From the app you will be able to find any Church and any sermon on all of TruthCasting.

This is a great option for churches that cannot afford their own custom branded apps.

For those of you who may have downloaded this app previously, you will need to delete the old version and install the new.

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New Service – TruthCasting Media Center

We are pleased to announce a new service from TruthCasting!  We call it the TruthCasting Media Center.  This is a new set of Premium Player embed codes that add all of the great features of the main TruthCasting site into your church’s web page.  This service will enable you to embed once and watch as your videos will automatically appear on your your website. This will save you a lot of time that has been spent updating your website with new video content each week.  The best part is, it’s mobile friendly!  Watch the following video to learn more about this exciting new offering.


If you would like to sign-up for the TruthCasting Media Center, please click here and add “Media Center” into the comment section of the form.


The TruthCasting Team

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New Feature: Custom Thumbnail for Videos

We are excited to announce a new feature in the TruthCasting Admin!

You now can upload a custom thumbnail image for your video.  No longer do you have to settle for the auto-selected thumbnail pulled from the video.  This means now you have the control to brand your videos with themed images for sermon series, live streaming and any other media content.

To see how it works, CLICK HERE to view a demo video.



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Announcing: Facebook Integration!

TruthCasting is proud to release a new feature which is an integration with Facebook!






Now TruthCasting clients can share their sermons and live streams within the Facebook Timeline!

For more details, please watch the following video:




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Announcing DropBox Integration!


We are excited to announce integration for sermon upload with DropBox!

Please watch this update video and let us know if you want your DropBox Folder Invite.


To request your folder invite complete the form at this link:

Thank you for being a TruthCasting client! We appreciate you!

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