Wirecast and TruthCasting

WireCast in the Church

 The Benefits to using WireCast with TruthCasting

Many of our users have asked us questions like “How can we produce our stream better? Why do I have to enter all my information every week? How can I stream in HD more reliably?” For those users we recommend Telestreams Wirecast.


Recording Options: Wirecast offers a large number of recording options and formats. For users looking to edit the stream or simply wishing to upload to TruthCasting in a quick and easy format, wirecast is a great solution. You are also able to record in a higher resolution than you stream, so for those who have internet limitations, you can stream a small 360p video at a low bit rate, then record a full 1280x720p copy to upload later. With TruthCasting, you can also record a second copy straight to your dropbox folder, automating the upload process of a high quality video.

Media Content: For those users coming from Adober Flash media Live Encoder, you are used to sending a stream and what you put into the encoder is what you got out of it. With Wirecast you are able to add pre recorded video content, lower thirds, and graphics to mix between during your stream.

For Smaller churches this means having a Live Camera feed of your speaker, and mix sermon notes, videos, and graphics to the feed to produce a high quality stream for a fraction of the cost of a total production system.


Wirecast lets you start your stream and your recording at separate times, this means you can start your stream 15 minutes before service so people at home can log on and see an image, but not start your recording until the service or the sermon starts, this saves video editing time later and keeps your viewers at home happy. 

Wirecast lets you setup a user profile and leave it. Enter in your preference, Username, password once and never look at them again. Each week when you stream all you need to do is open up your profile and click “Stream.”  This is a great benefit to those using different volunteers each week.

Wirecast also lets you  view things like CPU and Bandwith usage to monitor if you are close to having any problems. See problem before they happen to avoid any Sunday morning issues.

Click on the Link Below to Try Wirecast Free!


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