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How to Set up TruthCasting

  1. Get a video camera and USB capture device. 
  2. Check that your computer meets system requirements for OBS or your encoder of choice 
  3. Make sure your internet upload speed is a minimum of 3 Mbps. Check yours here 
  4. Download Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) or any RTMP encoder that requires authentication.   
  5. Set up your video source in OBS. Watch the tutorial here.  
  6. Log into your TruthCasting Admin panel with the username and password you chose and enter the four streaming credentials found in the “OBS/Streaming Settings” tabWatch the tutorial here 
  7. Set your encoding bitrate between 1,000-2,500. 
  8. Set encoder video output to 16:9 ratio and 1920×1080 resolution. 
  9. Locate your livestream embed code (iframe and URL) in your Admin panel. 
  10. Open the URL and test your livestream feed. 

Recommended Capture Devices

Recommended Devices

How to Live Stream to YouTube

  • Log into your YouTube Studio Account 
  • Click Go Live to access and copy your Stream URL and Stream Key
  • Paste your YouTube Studio URL and Key into your TruthCasting account

How to Live Stream to Facebook

  • Log into your Facebook business/organization page. TruthCasting cannot stream to a personal page or Facebook group. Now, set that website browser tab aside.
  • In a new browser tab, go to the TruthCasting admin panel. Go to the Home tab and click the “Log in With Facebook” button.
  • Choose the Facebook page you want to broadcast to. 
  • Agree to the permissions and click “Done.”
  • Back in the Home tab in your TruthCasting admin panel, go to the Facebook section and select your Facebook page from the drop-down menu. Click save.s

General Tips

General Tips
  • Save a local recording of each live stream for editing at a later date. 
  • Use your church’s dedicated live stream link which you can put on your website for easy viewing of each live stream. There is no need to log into TruthCasting each week in order to live stream. 
  • Keep your live stream link active and be sure not to delete it by accident.  
  • Keep your live stream record free of video attachments (in Media tab) to keep your record intact.  

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, we provide an iframe code that can easily be copied and pasted into your website. Alternatively, we provide a unique link to your live stream player.

No. We only charge a monthly subscription fee by recurring credit/debit card transaction. You can cancel any time.

Yes. You can add it to your subscription for $10 per month. Contact to add this feature, or select it during the subscription process after your free trial. 

You may use any RTMP encoder that requires authentication. We highly recommend OBS software (free download) for the easiest and fastest set up…and it’s free! 

No, that’s the advantage of using TruthCasting. We will never censor churches because of your Gospel message.

While internet speed does greatly affect live streaming quality, we can help you optimize the live stream to your connection. We recommend a minimum of 3 Mbps upload speed. 

Yes, it automatically records what you live stream, and then you can choose if, when, and where to put your recorded video. Just add a new record, and use the embed code associated with it, and it becomes video-on-demand (VOD)

Yes, as long as you continue with the service, your videos can be stored in your TruthCasting archive, without limits, on our system. 

You have the option to stream up to 1080p on TruthCasting. 4K video is usually not necessary or even widely usable for streaming your worship services. 

Yes, you choose the encoding bitrate, but keep in mind that your connected viewers may have varying bandwidth limitations, so we encourage setting a bitrate of 1000-2500. This is so the connected viewers with slower internet connections have less of a chance of buffering, which is a frustrating hindrance to your message! 

Yes, we have an HTML5 live streaming player that is fully responsive and compatible with computers, tablets, and mobile devices. 

You’ll need a video camera (webcam or consumer/professional video cameras), a capture device (if using an HDMI or SDI camera), and a computer with encoding software (or a hardware encoder). Note: Encoder must require authentication. We can help with your questions on equipment. 

Use the links provided at the bottom of the emails you receive during your trial to sign up for a monthly subscription of TruthCasting and join the family of churches that are already broadcasting their services around the world! Alternatively, you can subscribe on this page.

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